HelpDesk & IT Support

IT Services offers Help Desk support for the management of IT platforms through our team of highly qualified, skilled and carefully selected IT professionals.

We are structured to offer specific assistance services based on the customer’s requirements.

Our Help Desk team supports the client for the day-to-day management of all related services needed to fulfill business process operations.

The Help Desk is an internal service contact center in which users can report issues, software bugs, and work stoppages due to system malfunctions.

Requests are processed in real time by qualified technicians who make use of dedicated issue tracking systems while taking calls, logging issues, tracking fixes and managing tickets according to a procedure that is consistently monitored to effectively respond to the needs of your organization’s business processes.

We provide a robust structured service, which through service level management, allows us to provide the user with the most adequate response to any reported problem.

Upon opening a ticket for a call, level 1 support is initiated, if an intervention is required at a higher technical level, the help desk team utilizes the internal technical structure, elevating the ticket to a level 2 status.

The assignment of levels, monitoring and the closure of resolved tickets are managed by our help desk team while using the specific issue tracking system software that allows for full traceability of all activities related to request.

Users and customers can track status, progress and information of an open ticket via a web portal.

Nextar’s Help Desk service is supported by a hardware and software infrastructure that guarantees reliability and continuity of service. The service is flexible and can be customized according to customer needs. Courtesy, efficiency and customer satisfaction are the standards in which we ensure to meet your business objectives.